For a link to the recipe (SFW): This is my second video with Maddie. I am really enjoying working with her. She is calm, takes instruction very well, and just goes with the flow. It makes filming together the relaxing enjoyable experience it should be. Oh and she is comfortable getting fully naked now so that's a big plus! In this episode we made Bacon Goat Cheese Hash Brown Cups. The title is super long, but the recipe is actually quite simple and the end result is a delicious breakfast. Best part, you can easily toss leftovers in a container and reheat them later on for a quick snack. While I was testing out this recipe I found that using a silicon muffin pan was the ideal tool for the job. The Egg Cups didn't come out as crispy as the regular muffin pan, but the ease of clean up made it totally worth it. Let me know your thoughts on the episode and feel free to comment with any ideas for things you would like to see me make in the upcoming weeks/months. I am taking a slightly different approach to what I make now. I want to make things that I want to have around the house and that I would eat regularly. So if there is something you like having in your fridge that you currently buy ready made, but would like to know how to make yourself, comment away. ~~About the show~~ Naked bakers is a fully nude cooking show! The content is produced by me and funded by fans! It's kinda like if HGTV embraced exhibitionism. For more info and to follow along with the story, check out: