For those observing a withdrawal of meat this season, what are your favorite recipes? I love Indian food and this website has taught me so much about the cuisine from all regions of the country. she has a 101 series that's amazing. I'm also excited to dive into this cookbook I got as a gift: Vegan Bible PSA - It can be difficult to get the protein your body is used to and plant based protein has a lot of carbs. So please remember to balance out your diet with veggies. It's very easy to eat a lot of pasta and cheese which can cause discomfort. If not balanced well, sugar levels can spike. If you are fasting for the first time, please do so responsibly. God doesn't want you to kill or harm yourself in His name. Fasting isn't a cure all and shouldn't be done with an alternative agenda (or lose weight). Please remember to stay hydrated and if you have to step into it, that's okay. So please be careful this fasting season! He is with you always.