You can make this vegan rice mushroom soup in an Instant Pot or the classic way, on the stovetop. See the full recipe at: I made one of the best comfort foods ever. A vegan rice mushroom soup that's incredibly easy to make, healthy and best of all, super delicious. And I am stocked to share it with you. You can make this easy rice mushroom soup recipe in an Instant Pot or on the stovetop. I have included both methods in the recipe below and even though the recipe video focuses on the Instant Pot version don't worry, the stovetop method is super easy too. Besides, you can always reach out to me if you need help. Now, I know my recipes usually come with plenty of tips and tricks, but this vegan rice mushroom soup recipe is so easy that it doesn't require anything special. It's so simple you just can't get it wrong. That being said, there are a few small things you ought to know before making it, like why it's healthy and which mushrooms and rice to use. So let's start with the first. This creamy rice mushroom soup is super healthy This rice and mushroom soup recipe is healthy and perfect with many diets. Why? Well, apart from being full of veggies it is also full of mushrooms. These are an important ingredient in any healthy diet, not just vegan because they are packed with proteins, vitamin B and Selenium. Moreover, they are low in calories and a great source of fiber. Just check out their nutritional value. They bring so many important nutrients to this vegan rice mushroom soup like potassium, copper and if exposed to the sun, vitamin D. And even though mushrooms are usually white, they contain at least as many antioxidants as the colorful fruits and veggies. So here's my advice... Make this vegan rice mushroom soup with as many mushrooms as you can. Now you're probably wondering what kind of mushrooms are best for this easy rice mushroom soup recipe, so let me answer that. Which mushrooms are best for creamy rice mushroom soup? Another reason why this creamy rice mushroom soup is so easy is that you can make it with any kind of mushrooms. I used a mix of King oyster, Champignon and Pleurotus/oyster mushrooms, but you can go for Shiitake, Porcini or Portobello. My advice is to use a mix of mushrooms as well, because this way, you'll make the vegan rice mushroom soup more flavored and textured. And speaking of flavors, if you really want to make the best rice mushroom soup ever, top it with a bit of grated black truffle. Trust me, this will take it to a whole new level. And now let's go to the second ingredient of this recipe. Which rice to use I made this easy rice mushroom soup with jasmine brown rice which made it super creamy and at the same time nourishing and healthy. Brown rice is a whole grain, considered much healthier than its white version so I strongly suggest you use it as much as possible when cooking. But if you don't have it easily available then you can go for white jasmine rice or even wild rice. Keep in mind that if you make this mushroom soup with wild rice, the cooking time will be slightly different (about 10-15min longer). It's worth pointing out that you can make it with any kind of rice. But again, cooking time can vary and I haven't tested it with other kinds yet. So you would be entering a try-and-see territory. This is not an easy thing when cooking in the Instant Pot, but if you go for the stovetop method, it's pretty easy. Just taste the rice to see when it's done. So that was everything you needed to know for making this easy rice mushroom soup recipe. I told you I'd be quick this time :) As usual, please don't forget to snap a shot after you make it, and post it on Instagram with #blondelish and tag @theblondelish. And if you like this creamy rice mushroom soup recipe video and want to see more, please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Follow for more healthy and delicious recipes: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: Google+: